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Ying Design Visual

Hello, I'm YING LAI,

UI/UX Designer,
Visual Communication Designer,
Interaction Designer.

As a UI/UX designer with over 5 years of experience, I thoroughly enjoy juggling the needs of the users and the business pursuits, constantly striving to strike that perfect balance while developing user-centred interactions. Oh, yeah, I'm also a total visual addict! In nice weather, I immerse myself in creating 2D/motion graphics for all sorts of cool side projects. By the way, some of my best ideas pop up while zoning out with Taiwanese bubble tea or coffee in hand🧋. Gotta love sharing that inspiration with you! 🤩


I've achieved in making responsive websites and mobile application products. After work, I also learn to program and create visual side projects. The design has always filled my life with colours. :) 

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